About us

PURA is a brand that is born from a dream, not any dream, from one that was forged with efforts and sacrifices

Unlike many brands, the birthplace of PURA was not the corporate and large marketing and advertising companies, it was in the arms of a dreamer, of a father in an environment of abstinence, but with a vision, perseverance and endurance of steel.

This brand came from the soul, was created to change the way we consume sweeteners, based on simplicity and the best quality at our fingertips, we focus on only using organic ingredients because our products are designed to be consumed by our own families.


Become a Distributor

We are in the process of expansion and we are looking for the most dynamic, enthusiastic and best representatives of our product in Mexico and the world.

“If they are not good enough for us, they are not good for anyone else”



We are a company created with values that have allowed us to penetrate and remain in the food industry, following the philosophy of work that contributes to the quality and confidence of our consumers.