100% Mexican brand working all around the world

PURA emerged from the soul, is made with 100% Organic Agave, created to change the way we consume hot or cold drinks, cocktails and food, based on simplicity and the best quality at our fingertips. We focus on only using organic ingredients because our products are designed to be consumed by our own families.


Enjoy your food on another level!

It adds value to your meals and desserts. Pure is made with 100% organic agave. It is a healthy alternative that is extracted from the tequilana weber plant which has a designation of origin.

Pura en el mundo

¡Pura around the world!

The growth of our company is linked to the fact that we will be present in all the countries where people today value the benefits of a healthy life in a very significant way.


Variety of flavors

Base by the Natural Agave and 100% Organic. Enriches hot or cold drinks, enhances the flavor by using it in the preparation of food and takes the mixology to another level.